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It all started with First Selection

In early July 2014, the renowned winemaker Lars Torstensson visited the Abdyika vineyard. It’s sufficient to mention only one of his awards to understand his pedigree: Vigneron de l’ Année of food and wine awarded by the magazine Gault Maillau in 1994. Lars also happens to be ‘wine grower of the year’ in France. His visit to Abdyika marked the beginning of a partnership that will surely result in the name Abdyika being placed among the most distinguished wineries in Europe.

Once Lars had sampled all of Abdyikas wines and studied the vines up close, his enthusiasm became infectious. He immediately realised that the vineyard is managed in an exemplary and professional manner and that the fruit shows great potential. Lars confirmed that our product line consisting of three red wines (Melnik Tradition, Estate Blend and First Selection) is logical because they represent three different and independent characters; a wine typical of the region, a wine typical of the farm and a wine with ambition to flirt with the real connoisseurs.